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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick Update :)

Well, it appears that bed rest has worked it's magic. My blood pressure has stabilized, and the last ultrasound that we got shows little Roo doing very well. However, she insists on staying breech! Since I'm a few days away from 37 weeks, this is definitely something that will have to be remedied soon to avoid having a C-Section.

I asked the midwife teaching our childbirth class about some techniques for turning breech babies, and she had some interesting advice. There is a technique that makes use of a pressure point on your small toe. By using this pressure point, you encourage downward movement of the baby. Creepy and cool. :) She also recommended a website, It's cute, and a little woo-woo, which, as a native NW eugene-ian isn't weird to me. I've been doing some yoga poses, too. She just seems to switch back and forth depending on her mood. Matt and I are going to try the flashlight trick, too.

The nursery is all finished! Yay! I want to get all of my baby shower thank yous out before I start hanging up artwork, though. Those are pretty much the last two things on my baby to-do list. My amazing husband is now an expert at putting together any and all types of furniture. We were pretty much all done as of last week, and then the co-sleeper arrived. Matt got it put together in a jiffy. We will have to experiment with how to have it in our tiny bedroom, though. One wall has the heater, and one wall has the two closets.....I'll post pics of the nursery, at least, within the next couple of days.



  1. yay for good news!
    i was on "almost" bedrest with G, and boy does it suck. i think i have seen EVERY episode of law & order and C.S.I. that aired before 04.
    please document about trying to get her to turn around--- very interesting.
    and can't wait to see pictures of the nursery! i'm sure it's pretty awesome. only 3 weeks to go!?!?!?!!!!!! ;)

  2. oh the joys of figuring out placement of a co-sleeper in a tiny bedroom!! i remember those days!! luckily we got a mini-co-sleeper, so it fit a little better than a regular one would have fit. we had to rearrange the entire room to get it to fit! i don't think she has used it in probably 2 months, but i can't bear to put it away just yet! i am so glad that your "flirting" has subsided and things are looking up! as for the breech, i have heard good things about the spinning babies site. i've also heard that propping up an ironing board against a couch and then laying on it with your feet up in the air works. i never could imagine how a pregnant woman is supposed to get herself in that position though! your center is already out of wack and now you're supposed to turn upside down and lay that way for a while. hopefully roo will decide that the best way to be is head down. good thoughts coming your way!

  3. It sounds like it's going fairly well and I'm glad to be updated on FB and here.

    Good wishes to you guys and I can't wait for nursery pictures!